Top News In London

The major City London well known for its entertainment, culture, famous people and communities never ceases to offer interesting news, there’s never nothing happening on this planet especially in Great London City. This article will cover some of the best news coming out of London showing the more positive side of the news.

London News - Pokémon Go
Pokémon Go

Noticed people turning more attention to their mobile phones more than usual recently, a very high chance it could be the new Pokémon Go mobile app that has gone viral in the last month. Pokémon Go is an app whereby there are wild roaming creatures that you use your mobile phone to capture them, train and battle with them. Walking around your phone will vibrate when a Pokémon is nearby using your Pokéballs to ‘capture’ the creature through a fun little minigame where you ‘flick’ the Pokéballs at them, some give in easily: others resist capture but both will have you distracted on your usual commute. The rumours around Big Ben are true, it is indeed a Pokémon Gym where you can fight and train your Pokémon, some of the best Pokéstops around London are located at Savoy Hotel, the Charlie Chaplin statue in Leicester Square; the Winston Churchill statue in Parliament Square; on Waterloo Bridge; and at the Cenotaph.

London News - Grumpy Cat - Abbey Road Studios
Grumpy Cat – Abbey Road Studios

The world famous feline Grumpy Cat has decided to venture out and take in the sights London has to offer during a promotional tour. Grumpy Cat originally named Tardar Source whose Youtube video went viral receiving nearly 20 million views has flown all the way from the USA to spend a week enjoying the UK. Tardar is the first cat ever to have had a wax replica made in tribute to them, She has even had a session at Abbey Road, the Studio made famous by The Beatles.

London News - Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

Ghosts are invading Waterloo Station luckily the Ghostbusters are around to help. A fun PR stunt for the new Ghostbusters movie has lightened the day of passersby at Waterloo Railway station. The whole place has been taken over by the Ghostbusters team and a overwhelmingly freaky Stay Puft Marshmallow Man has made his own way through the station floor. Forbidden Planet have also got involved with their station selling Ghostbusters merchandise.

London News - 1Rebel Bus
1Rebel Bus

The London gym 1Rebel has plans on bringing the gym to your usual bus commute. The gym’s idea is to load a fleet of London buses with spin bikes and travel through London’s most popular routes, helping Londoners make the most out of their mornings with some fresh and lively exercise. In Boston USA a similar project is already underway, offering up to eight people the chance to do a spin class on a bus at parties and special events but it fails to delivery to the regular commuters. The London version plans to pick up commuters from four different locations such as Stratford Kensington High Street, Angel and Clapham Common and ends at the 1Rebel Studio in Mary Axem giving the riders a chance to pop in for a shower before getting to their desks.



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